Saturday, 29 October 2011

Malaysia: Big Football Field?

Last night, my dad watched EPL: Arsenal vs Chelsea and local football match Piala Malaysia: Terengganu vs Negeri Sembilan.
I am not really into football but while doing my last minute check on my World Literature, I came to take a glance on my Samsung TV screen.
Okay...there was a football match. So, what?! Do I care? No!
But the thing is my ears kept catching words by words from the TV as well as my dad's.
But only a few words caught my attention.

Ayah: Padang bola sepak Malaysia ni lg besar dari padang orang putih.
Saya: O.O Ye ke?
Ayah: Yelah. Cuba ko tengok kat TV ni ha.
Saya: Ye ke? Ingatkan saiz padang bola sepak standardize satu dunia.
Ibu: (Tetiba menyibuk) Hahahahaha! Ko percaya sangat cakap ayah ko.
Saya: Huh?
Ibu: Takkan ko tak paham kot?
Saya: Oh... =,=

To make it short, as my dad watched the matches, alternating between two channels, he said that Malaysia's football field is bigger. How come? I thought the size is standardized for all official games.

I got the jokes, okay? I got it. Just a bit late.

Okay, basically you know how a football field is, right?
Aha! You see the white circle in the middle right? You know what? When I watched the local football match, the circle was always in the camera. The ball seldom got as far as the D, it stayed in the midfield. Oh, come on! Malaysian footballers ain't that worse right?

I was like... "Yeah...seems like the Malaysia's football field is bigger that the one used in EPL. Because you know why? The ball can't even go beyond the midfield and it seldom got into the D. And if the ball was passed to the D, there won't be enough player to carry out the task for attacking. However, while I was watching the EPL, the players were everywhere. Oh, their football field is smaller, isn't it?


  1. Hah! It's obvious that you dont really care about football. There are many variant of football pitches size. Let's take English league for example. the size of Old Trafford (Manchester United) is 116*77 yards, and Boleyn Ground (West Ham United) is 110*70 yards.

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  2. Firstly, I just need to emphasize, again. I'm not really into football, because I prefer hockey.
    But, as you say, about the different area of football field. If you convert it based on the metric conversion unit, the different between the length and width of the field is merely 3m each sides. That's a small different, huh? Furthermore, the different sizes of football field is really small, given that there must be range given on the size. It won't go as big as 100 meters different anyway. Huh! Just need to say that 6 meters really affect the players, huh? I see no difference on the EPL player regarding smaller or bigger size of field. They play well.

  3. they aint understand the jokes